Seamagine Aurora-90 Submarine

The Seamagine Aurora-90 submarine offers an extra-large cabin that can carry 3 to 6 persons up to a maximum of 1000m deep.

The Seamagine 3 to 6-person Aurora-90 Series are subs in the 9100 kg weight category with an extra-large cabin that offers different interior options.

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The Aurora-90 boasts a roomy cabin accommodating 5 or 6 individuals, it also provides the flexibility of a VIP 3-person seating configuration.

The depth capability of these submarines ranges from 100m to 1000m, contingent upon the number of occupants.

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The capacious acrylic cabin is featured with expansive front-row seating for passengers, offering a majestic panoramic view.

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It features formidable propulsion, a well-designed boarding setup, sturdy construction, and unparalleled reliability, and can be outfitted with an extensive array of cameras, robotic arms, and scientific instruments.

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