Secat Amphibious Transport Vehicle

The groundbreaking Secat amphibious transport vehicle is tailor-made for tricky maritime missions in challenging areas.

With the Navy and Marines handling various tasks worldwide, Textron Systems’ Secat steps in with rapid cargo and troop transport, both on water and land. It’s all about speed, flexibility, and toughness.

In dicey environments, the Secat’s design outshines regular boats. It travels at over 50 knots, hauling up to 500 tons of cargo (like 21 Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicles) across 500 nautical miles. Plus, its shallow 4-foot draft means it can sneak close to shore for unloading, with no fancy ports needed.

The Secat isn’t just fast, it’s smart too. It can load up cargo from big ships at sea, keeping them safe while it dashes to shore with the goods. It’s a game-changer for logistics, whether on land or at sea.

source Textron Systems