Self-driving car set a record traveling 2,400 km across Mexico

Professor Raul Rojas from the University of Nevada, Reno, just completed the longest-ever drive in Mexico in a driverless car, a 1,500 miles journey, from the U.S. border at Nogales to Mexico City.   Watch the video…

With several terabytes of data describing the highways, and with specialized software, the onboard computer guided the car on city streets and highways through the Sonoran Desert, along the west coast of Mexico, up to Guadalajara and then to its final destination of the National Polytechnic University, Instituto Politecnico Nacional, in Mexico City.

Prof. Rojas, who holds a joint appointment with Freie University of Berlin in Germany, said:

“This is a new challenge, a next step to learn and develop systems, to learn ways to solve new problems for driverless cars. Most of the trip was highway, but there are many different issues such as construction sites, urban areas in between, potholes and so on. In the case of the Mexican highway, there is construction work and potholes in around 5 percent of the segments.”