Self-driving Train soon on the rails in France
Driverless TGV, the idea seems straight out of a science fiction scenario.  Self-driving train, soon on the rails in France.

SNCF is currently working on a autonomous TGV project called “train drone.” A prototype for the transport of goods, should be tested in 2019 and then for the TGV with passengers in 2023.

Deputy General Manager of SNCF, said:

“When you automate a metro, you can put grids along the platforms and then you are in tunnels. A train is going to run on a high-speed line for 1,000 km. We are in a completely open environment with trees, animals, people, who can enter the right-of-way, and so we need a driver to handle all the disturbed situations.”

The new train will be equipped with external sensors to anticipate the slightest obstacle on the track and if necessary, drive an automatic braking.

Image credit SNCF

via engadget