Self-inflating bicycle tube

Self-inflating bicycle tube, compatible with standard bike tires, keeps the optimum pressure level.

The valve by PumpTire with a pumping device, uses the compression of the tires rolling on the road, to pump air into the tube.

Once the desired pressure level is reached, the system stops working.

Shock absorption and ride preferences vary from person to person and yet most people don’t adjust their tire pressure unless they absolutely have to. And how can you really know what the right pressure is if it’s always changing?

PumpTire technology not only eliminates the need to fill your tires, but it also gives you total freedom to set and maintain specific pressures. Often times cyclists over-inflate their tires because they know the tires are always losing air. With Pumptire you can choose the pressure you want and keep it. Optimize for speed, ride quality or reliability.

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via Gizmag

source PumpTire