Smart, Stand-Up Paddleboard (5)

The self-propelled, self-inflating, smart, stand-up paddleboard, has an electric engine that pumps up the board and gives 3 hours of assistance.

The self-inflating, electric standup paddleboard give you the extra bit of confidence and ability you need to paddle upstream, against the current, so you get out on the water quicker and paddle further.

Smart, Stand-Up Paddleboard (4)

The heart of every SipaBoard is a jet propulsion engine – SipaDrive.

We opted for a jet-propulsion system so we could hide it inside the plastic housing built into the board. This virtually eliminates drag when the motor is off and you want to paddle yourself, prevents fish, rocks, or twigs – and most importantly your fingers – from getting caught in the propeller, and makes your SipaBoard safer and easier to handle on dry land.

Smart, Stand-Up Paddleboard (3)

The motor is emission-free and barely audible, so you can take it even on protected waters and you won’t ruin the peace and quiet. It has 5 settings, providing up to 3.5 knots of assistance for 1 hour for an average-sized male paddler, or 3 hours at cruising speed of 2 knots.

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