Size comparison of spaceships

A size comparison of spaceships from different movies. From the TIE Fighter 6m Star Wars… to the Enterprise NCC 1701 289m Star trek… to the The Ark 127,530km Halo!   Watch the video…

TIE Fighter 6m Star Wars
Starfury 10m Babylon 5
X wing 12m Star wars
UNSC Pelican D77-TC 30m Halo
Millennium Falcon 34m Star Wars
Endurance 65m Interstellar
ISS 73m International
Discovery One 140m 2001: A Space Odyssey
SSV Normandía SR-1 155m Mass Effect
Enterprise NCC 1701 289m Star trek
Whitestar 476m Babylon5
UNSC Frigate 490m Halo
Enterprise NCC 1701-D 642m Star trek
Destroyer 900m Star Wars

High Charity 464km Halo
Death Star 2 900km Star Wars
Halo 10.000km Halo
The Ark 127,530km Halo