Skai Zero-Emission Aircraft

The hydrogen-powered Skai is a radically simple air mobility system with a range of 400 miles.

Skai eliminates complexity for an unparalleled level of reliability and safety. It uses hydrogen fuel cells, to provide an energy solution that’s truly clean from end to end.

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Only simplicity can solve today’s most complex challenges, to create practical transportation for all. The rotor booms are swept back to prevent sightline obstructions and to eliminate vibration and noise. The V-formation seating gives 180º views to every passenger.

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Hydrogen fuel cells are better for flight, with more energy per pound and with the cleanest environmental footprint.

Why Hydrogen? Two key reasons. The first is low impact. Hydrogen fuel cells generate zero pollution during use. And have the lowest environmental footprint from start to finish. The second reason is power. Hydrogen’s weight-to-energy ratio is significantly higher than batteries or gasoline. That means longer flight times, better range, and more payload capability. Hydrogen’s advantages are no secret. Its use is rapidly increasing worldwide.

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Hydrogen is the cleanest end-to-end energy solution available today. It’s what gives Skai up to a 400-mile range, and up to 4 hours of flight time. It’s why Skai can carry up to 1,000 lbs. or 4-5 people at a time.

Skai was designed to be produced in large numbers. With higher utilization, the system’s overall impact increases as well.

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POWER:  3 hydrogen fuel cells that generate electricity, powering all onboard systems and 6 quiet 100 kw electric outrunner motors.

LIFT:  6 rotors, designed for low noise and low RPM.

SPEED:  118 mph. Average speeds for local trips will likely be around 85mph, in a straight line and with no traffic.

RANGE:  Up to 400 miles. We believe the everyday “sweet spot” will be between 10 and 150 miles. However, when you count the time and stress involved in getting to an airport, going through security and other delays – longer distance on-demand travel with Skai is highly appealing.

FLIGHT DURATION:  Up to 4 hours, though most flights will take just minutes. For specialized applications, auxiliary fuel tanks can increase flight times to 10+ hours.

FUEL SYSTEM:  200 or 400-liter liquid hydrogen onboard tank. Refueling takes less than 10 minutes.

PAYLOAD:  Up to 1000 lbs. Skai can carry 4 passengers with an onboard pilot, and 5 passengers with autonomous control or using a ground-based pilot. Note that Skai is autonomous-ready today – however FAA regulations for this capability are still in development.

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