Skyfly Axe eVTOL Aircraft

The Skyfly Axe eVTOL is a two-wing, two-seat aircraft with four propellers, capable of vertical takeoff and landing.

The Axe high power Lithium batteries will feature both a solid state battery system and also a removable battery pack allowing the aircraft to continue flying without waiting for charging.

Skyfly Axe eVTOL Aircraft (2)

The battery system has multiple redundancies allowing for continued flight in the event of a battery failure. We are still in discussions with multiple suppliers and batteries are the main component that is susceptible to change as technology is progressing rapidly in this space.

Skyfly Axe eVTOL Aircraft

Range (Electric-Hybrid): 100 – 200 miles

Cruise speed: 100 mph

Passengers: 2

Power source: 8 x 35KW

Max thrust: 700 kg

Payload: 172 kg

Skyfly Axe eVTOL Aircraft (3)

Estimated delivery: Summer 2024

Skyfly Axe eVTOL Aircraft (1)

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