Soar Eagle HALE China's Drone

Soar Eagle HALE (High Altitude, Long Endurance) UAV, China’s drone enters production.

China’s Soar Eagle HALE UAV, to achieve larger wingspan suitable for sustained high altitude flight, uses long thin diamond-shape wing structure.

Above, image credit baiwei

Soar Eagle HALE

Image credit yexu at China Defense Forum

Xianglong / Soaring Dragon Box / Diamond Wing HALE UAV

Test prototype of Xianglong / Soaring Dragon familiy of HALE UAVs incorporating the box wing or diamond wing concept.

Soar Eagle HALE Drone

Image credit yexu at China Defense Forum

The Soar Eagle specifications:

  • Length 14.3 m
  • Wingspan 25 m
  • Height 5.4 m
  • Normal takeoff weight 7500 kg
  • Mission Payload 650 kg
  • Cruising altitude 18000 m
  • Cruising speed 750 km/hr
  • Range 7000 km

via popsci