How NAAMES is helping the environment?

How NAAMES is helping the environment

NASA’s North Atlantic Aerosols and Marine Ecosystems Study (NAAMES) took to the sea and air to investigate the world’s largest plankton bloom and how it gives rise to small organic particles that leave the ocean and end up in the atmosphere, ultimately influencing clouds and climate.

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Current rate of Environmental change is unprecedented in Earth’s history

Current rate of Environmental change is unprecedented in Earth's history (1)

Researchers published a study concerning the rate of environmental change occurring today, that is unprecedented in Earth’s history.

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World’s most Energy Efficient Cities- infographic

Efficient Cities

Going Green – The world’s most Energy Efficient Cities, an infographic showing the cities, which are working to reduce their impact on the environment.

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How to Improve the Energy-Efficiency of your Home

Improve the Energy-Efficiency

A very simple guide to improve the Energy-Efficiency of your home. An infographic covering the basics of how to transform your place for both your benefit and the environment.

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50 ways your Home can Save the Earth – infographic

Save the Earth

In this very well made infographic you can find not only 10, but 50 things you can do in your home to reduce the negative impact you have on the environment and your pocket.

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Under the Sea- ambient lighting

Ambient lighting (4)

‘Under the Sea’ provides ambient lighting environment, mimicking calm waters. Creates the feeling of being underwater.

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Carbon vs. Water – what is your greatest footprint? infographic

Carbon vs. Water

In the following infographic you can find easy to follow suggestions that could save the environment, also help save you some money. To make sure that our skies and seas aren’t permanently polluted we should now be taking action to cut our carbon and water footprints.   Have a look at the infographic…

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International Dark Sky Week

International Dark Sky Week

The next few nights celebrate the stars! The International Dark Sky Week (April 5-11, 2013) is a worldwide event against light pollution and going on now!

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The Growing Concern of E-Waste- infographic

The Growing Concern of E-Waste- infographic

This infographic shows the growing concern of E-waste. In our days tons of electronic devices are thrown away and polluting the environment. Over 2.4 million tons of waste was generated by gadgets in 2010 alone.   Have a look at the infographic…

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Bloomberg BusinessWeek cover: It’s Global Warming, Stupid

Bloomberg BusinessWeek cover- It's Global Warming, Stupid

Bloomberg BusinessWeek cover:

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