Space Station

Stunning Space Photos of 2016

Auroras on Jupiter

A selection of amazing space views, taken aboard the International Space Station and more, from the NASA, ESA, JAXA agencies.

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Holiday Greetings from the Space Station

Holiday Greetings from the Space Station

Aboard the International Space Station, Expedition 50 Flight Engineer Peggy Whitson of NASA sent holiday greetings and festive imagery from the cupola.

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Space Station Solar Transit

This composite image, made from ten frames, shows the International Space Station, with a crew of six on board, in silhouette as it transits the sun at roughly five miles per second.

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Sahara Desert From the Space Station

Sahara Desert From the Space Station

Sahara desert captured from the Space Station‘s EarthKAM, programmed middle school students.

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Astonishing South Atlantic Sunset


An astronaut aboard the International Space Station, photographed a sunset that looks like a vast sheet of flame.

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Space Station’s Advanced Plant Habitat


A high fidelity test version of NASA’s Advanced Plant Habitat (APH), for the Space Station.

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First Panoramic view of Earth from aboard the Space Station


Andrey Borisenko in the Cupola module, showing to us how astronauts of the International Space Station can observe the Earth.  Watch the 360 panoramic video from space…

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Supermoon and Space Station


In this amazing photo, the silhouettes are the International Space Station (ISS) passing in front of the supermoon.   Image credit Kris Smith

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Election Day 2016 in Space


An American flag in the windows of the cupola aboard the International Space Station, Election Day 2016.

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2016- A space Odyssey in 4K


Take a detailed 4K fisheye fly-through of the International Space Station

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