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Terrafugia announced that its TF-X flying car will be ready to takeoff by 2018.

Terrafugia is now developing the TF-X flying car, featuring fold-out wings and helicopter-like rotor blades, for vertical takeoff and landing.
According to the US based company, the vehicle that will have a cruising speed of around 200mph – 322 km/h, will be ready by 2018.

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The Terrafugia team is pleased to share that we have successfully completed static load testing of a scale prototype of the TF-X™ wing. This test verified that the one-tenth scale carbon fiber wing will be able to safely withstand the necessary loads during wind tunnel testing, and is an essential step along the path towards TF-X™ development.

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This vision is embodied in the TF-X™: a four-place fixed wing aircraft with electrical assist for vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL).  TF-X™ is a hybrid electric flying car designed to revolutionize personal travel with advanced technology and intelligent vehicle systems that greatly simplify safe personal flight.

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