The Alpine Climb buggy racing

The Alpine Climb is a unique race competition with buggies, featuring professional racing drivers ascending European ski pistes using bespoke mountain rally cars.   Watch the video…

Alex Ledger, passionate Adventure Sports Athlete and a successful entrepreneur as the founder of SkySchool, Europe’s leading Paramotoring school, explains:

“My vision is to create the equivalent of a winter F1 series which features professional drivers racing these unique vehicles up and down the ski pistes in a variety of resorts with each event being broadcast around the world and attracting major sponsorship. So, why am I approaching you and how will your support help? With your financial support I can secure the resorts in order to launch the series in 2016 without having to rely upon the sponsorship and media rights in year 1, thus allowing me to build and develop the event over a period of time to make it as big and as successful as I know it is capable of becoming.”


source Alpine Climb