Earth’s ecosystem

The Art of climate modeling. The Earth’s ecosystem, presented by stunning images showing movement, or kinetic energy and water-surface temperatures.

Above: Global ocean surface kinetic energy with maximum kinetic energy, from from Los Alamos National Laboratory, designated by white with minimum values in black. Color is on a log scale. Observe the prominent jet stream off the eastern coast of the U.S. with adjacent eddy rings.

The Art of Earth’s ecosystem
The paint-like swirls of this visualization by Los Alamos National Laboratory, depict global water-surface temperatures, with the surface texture driven by vorticity.

Cool temperatures are designated by blues and warmer temperatures by reds. Trapped regions of warmer water (red) adjacent to the Gulf Stream off the eastern coast of the U.S. indicate the model’s capability to simulate eddy transport of heat within the ocean, a key component necessary to accurately simulate global climate change.

source Los Alamos National Laboratory