The 'clearest ever photo of the Sun'

This 230 megapixel image made up from 100,000 pictures, is the ‘clearest ever photo of the Sun.’

Photographer Andrew McCarthy took 100,000 photos of the Sun, that combined they created a stunning 230 megapixel photograph of our star.

The 'clearest ever photo of the Sun' (4)

McCarthy explains:

“Yesterday afternoon I took my clearest photo of the sun, ever. The final image was over 230 megapixels. This was done by shooting over 100k individual images to build a massive mosaic of the solar chromosphere while simultaneously defeating the atmosphere by stacking so many frames.”

The 'clearest ever photo of the Sun' (3)

“I processed this one a little differently than past shots, hoping to capture the spirit of how it looks through a solar telescope. The difference is you can’t see stars, they were added in processing as an aesthetic choice.”

The 'clearest ever photo of the Sun' (2)