The Green Cruise Ship Swap2Zero

French company Ponant is building the green cruise ship Swap2Zero, setting new standards in sustainable tourism.

The next-generation cruiser was designed by Ponant’s R&D team in collaboration with Stirling Design International and other industry experts.

Scheduled to be launched in 2030, the Swap2Zero new ‘green’ cruise ship will combine six ground-breaking technologies to achieve zero-emission sailing.

1. A sail power system and hull providing an average of 50% of the propulsion energy using the force of the wind;
2. A surface area totaling over 1,000m 2 of photovoltaic panels, with new generation organic solar eco-designed devices
integrated into the structures and sails;
3. A low-temperature fuel cell operating on liquid hydrogen for propulsion, with the water and heat produced being
4. A high-temperature fuel cell to meet the ship’s hotel load requirements, with the heat emitted being recovered and
used to produce hot water;
5. On-board carbon capture technology, coupled with the high-temperature fuel cell;
6. An innovative bespoke energy management system to control and distribute power without any generators being in

The Green Cruise Ship Swap2Zero

The French team has yet to choose the shipyard that will carry out the advanced construction.

source Stirling Design International