The Massive new Terminal at Bao’an International Airport

RSHP win competition to design T4 at Bao’an International Airport, in Shenzhen.

Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners (RSHP) in collaboration with China Northeast Architectural Design & Research Institute Co. Ltd (CNADRI), have won the design competition for Terminal 4 Bao’an International Airport in Shenzhen.

The scheme will deliver a new 400,000 sq m terminal building with 60 new stands and connections to the mid-field satellite. Working with AECOM and Railway 2, the terminal will provide connections to existing and new transport infrastructure. The building aims to meet the demand of 31 million pax per annum (incl. 24 million international and 7 million domestic).

Andrew Tyley, Partner, RSHP says “The design concept has at its heart a 10,000 sq m central garden space, the size of 40 tennis courts. The garden acts as the front door to Shenzhen connecting and integrating ground and air travel.”

The terminal will be at the centre of a new ‘airport city’ and will be a landmark portal through which thousands of people pass every day. The design provides Shenzhen with a state-of-the-art terminal with a particular focus on passenger experience, wellbeing, and sustainability. Reflecting this forward-facing dynamic city and region, it will become part of the lexicon of next generation airports.

The entire frontage to the terminal is considered a cityscape rather than a traditional front door to the terminal. Stemming from the interior central garden is a network of landscaped pathways leading to the airside and landside as well as transportation connections within the terminal. The traditional relationship of the forecourt to the terminal has been transformed into a new city orientated environment. The design prioritises these movements and connections into streets and avenues where buses and trains provide service to a kerb street.

Simon Smithson, Partner, RSHP says “I am always impressed by how architecturally engaged our clients in China are with the whole design process. I like to think that our success is because we are great listeners and that our projects not only provide our clients with what they need but do so in surprising and exciting ways.”

source RSHP