The new GPS will be accurate to a centimeter

A new technology will enable us to access centimeter-level accuracy location data, through our mobile phones.

The recently Differential GPS (DGPS) technique, by adding ground-based reference stations, improved the resolution accuracy to within 3 feet.

Image credit UC Riverside

Developed by a team from the University of California, a technique that augments the regular GPS data, centimeter accurate-state.

Recently, a real-time sliding window Bayesian estimation approach to RTK GPS and inertial navigation was proposed to provide reliable centimeter accurate-state estimation, via integer ambiguity resolution utilizing a prior along with all inertial measurement unit and GPS measurements within the time window.

Professor Jay Farrell and chair of electrical and computer engineering in UCR’s Bourns College of Engineering, said:

“To fulfill both the automation and safety needs of driverless cars, some applications need to know not only which lane a car is in, but also where it is in that lane—and need to know it continuously at high rates and high bandwidth for the duration of the trip.

Achieving this level of accuracy with computational loads that are suitable for real-time applications on low-power processors will not only advance the capabilities of highly specialized navigation systems, like those used in driverless cars and precision agriculture, but it will also improve location services accessed through mobile phones and other personal devices, without increasing their cost.”

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source University of California