The spectacular Museum of the Future in Dubai

The recently completed Museum of the Future in Dubai, is one of the most impressive buildings in the world.

Occupying a prime location adjacent to the Emirates Towers, the Museum of the Future will be an expressive and dynamic landmark. The Museum of the Future is comprised of three main parts: the green hill, the building and the void.

The green hill represents the earth, with solidity, permanence, and rootedness in place, time and history. This is done through the smooth transition from the site in the form of an earthen, vegetated mound with minimal visible built intervention. The inspiration for the green hill was also to elevate the building in a calm and unobtrusive way above the metro line and create greenery in elevation that is uncommon in Dubai where visitors can enjoy while engaging with the Museum.

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Likewise, the glimmering, futuristic upper building represents mankind, with all of its strength, artistry and ability to create in harmony with its surroundings. This is formed by the bold shape which emerges from the hill, covered with the Arabic calligraphy about the future, and displaying mankind’s passion for the arts and creating.

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Lastly, the elliptical void within the upper structure represents innovation. This is done primarily by creating an empty space showing the unwritten future into which humanity, and the world can symbolically look towards. This open and unburdened future is an inspiration which can drive the innovators and creators of today.

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Sources: Killa Design