These 36 World Cities will be Underwater First

Based on a new  research these are the 36 cities that will be the first to sink underwater.

There is little doubt our oceans are rising and cities will go under. It is no longer an issue of if but when. No one can predict exactly when, however, based on simple elevation maps, we can predict which major world cities are most likely to be underwater first.

These 36 World Cities will be Underwater First

Climate Central created the Coastal Risk Screening Tool, an interactive map that allows users to view maps by risk area. We used the “water level” map to demonstrate the conservative estimate of 1.5 meters (5 ft). Some predictions put sea levels at much higher rates as we go towards the year 2100, even up to 2.5 meters if nothing is done to slow greenhouse emissions.

1.5 meters is a realistic estimate that will most likely occur within the next 80 years. This scenario is possible given current projections, global temperature rise, and inaction by major global political and industry leaders.

source theswiftest