Climate modeling

This is the future of climate modeling, taking a lesson from Van Gogh’s paintings, with a dose of extra technicolor for good measure and power computing.

An ocean simulation focused on the Atlantic.   Credit: Los Alamos National Laboratory

Los Alamos National Laboratory released a simulation that captures the temperatures and currents of the world’s oceans in intimate detail. The image reveals ripples at a resolution from 35 miles down to 9 miles, though researchers can zoom in even more if needed.

The temperature gradient from cold water at the poles to warm water in the tropics is also on clear display, a reminder that although the Arctic is warming faster than any other region of the planet, you probably don’t want to plan a beach vacation there anytime soon.

The simulation is more than a pretty picture or vacation planning tool. It’s a glimpse at what’s to come in the future of climate modeling. The model, dubbed Model for Prediction Across Scales Ocean, is part of a big Department of Energy-funded initiative to build the next generation of climate models over 10 years.

source climatecentral