Electric Transforming Scooter

This three-wheeled electric personal mobility transforming scooter, that changes into 4 different forms, is the ideal solution for those who doesn’t feel like to walk around.

The personal mobility transforming scooter looks like a small bicycle, developed by Aisin Seiki and the Chiba Institute of Technology, can be transformed into four forms in accordance with situations:

The “vehicle mode,” driven by a motor.

The “cart mode,” caring luggage like a cart

The “kick-board mode” working with no motor.

The “carry mode,” folded to be carried.

Electric Transforming Scooter  2

Takaaki Furuta, executive director at Chiba Institute of Technology and the head of Future Robotics Technology Center (fuRo), said:

“We hope that it will be used not only for supporting elderly and disabled people but also by young people.”

via ubergizmo