Tinger Track C500

Tinger Track C500 ATV vehicle the best for hunting, fishing, productive leisure, on land and on water.

The Tinger Track C500 is the “golden standard” of the Tinger ATV range. Thanks to its compact size it can easily fit in a standard trailer or transit van but with its intelligent design does not compromise on capacity.

Tinger Track C500 (4)

The C500 is not afraid of adversity. It’s powerful design and high quality of construction allow passing tundra terrains and sandy deserts, snow and water obstacles.

Tinger Track C500 (3)

High passability has been achieved through strong, durable 500 mm tracks that have extra-low ground pressure: 0.05 kg / m2. Redesigned and reinforced long-travel suspension provides maximum comfort and stability even on rough terrain with speeds up to 35 km / h.

Tinger Track C500 (2)

The powerful engines (57hp and 68hp variants) are the driving force behind the strength and temperament of the C500 giving the vehicle a towing capacity of 800 kg.

Tinger Track C500 (1)