Tutankhamun’s Blade was made from Meteorite

A new study suggest that King Tutankhamun’s blade may be created of meteorite iron.   Watch the video…

King Tutankhamun’s intact tomb was discovered in 1922, it was a treasure trove of artifacts. A little-known artifact with a intriguing story, was his iron dagger.

King Tut’s iron-bladed dagger was discovered three years after the tomb was unvealed.

The blade existence was a puzzle, because King Tut reigned in 1332–1323 BC, 600 years before the Egyptians developed iron smelting technology.


According to a new study led by Daniela Comelli, of the Polytechnic University of Milan, and published in the Journal of Meteoritics and Planetary Science, there is no doubt that the source of iron for the blade, is from meteorite.

The authors of the study explained:

“Our study confirms that ancient Egyptians attributed great value to meteoritic iron for the production of precious objects.

Moreover, the high manufacturing quality of Tutankhamun’s dagger blade, in comparison with other simple-shaped meteoritic iron artifacts, suggests a significant mastery of ironworking in Tutankhamun’s time.”

via universetoday