UK nuclear fusion reactor hits 15 million°C milestone

UK nuclear fusion reactor has reached temperatures hotter than the center of the sun. Now the project is one step closer to produce clean power by 2030.

British Tokomak fusion reactor heated a gas at 15 million°C milestone, at a facility in Milton, Oxfordshire.

Above, this image shows the plasma (high-energy gas), inside the ST40 Tokomak reactor.  Credit Tokomak Energy

Scientists’ target is to heat high-energy gas to 100 million°C by next year, in order to build an affordable reactor generating limitless energy.

The reactor at the Tokomak Enegery facility in Milton, Oxfordshire

The reactor at the Tokomak Enegery facility in Milton, Oxfordshire.  Credit Tokomak Energy

Jonathan Carling, CEO at Tokamak Energy, said:

We are taking significant steps towards achieving fusion energy, doing so with the agility of a private venture, driven by the goal of achieving something that will have huge benefits worldwide.

Reaching 15 million degrees Celcius is yet another indicator of the progress at Tokamak Energy and a further validation of our approach.”

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