UrmO Foldable Urban electric Scooter

Created by ex-Tesla and ex-BMW engineers, UrmO is an ultra-light, foldable urban electric scooter.

UrmO electric scooter is capable of speeds up to 10 mph, 13 miles range with two hour charging time. Weighing 6.5 kg, the self-balancing scooter features a newly designed folding mechanism.

UrmO Foldable Urban electric Scooter (3)

Despite our detailed planning, developing and manufacturing a high-tech product is a great challenge, as you can imagine. That is why we have worked unremittingly for the last two and a half years and will continue to work this way. Also, we are partnering with world renowned parts suppliers including tier one automotive OEMs in order to reduce production risks to a minimum. We love our vehicle and we think that everybody should get the chance to ride the UrmO.

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“We have already built several prototypes, to prove the technology and to be able to evaluate parts suppliers. The final product will be assembled by a contract manufacturer under our supervision.”

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source Kickstarter