Vicis Zero1 Football Helmet

The Vicis Zero1 football helmet designed to revolutionize head protection, is pushing the expertise in medicine, science and engineering to the brink.

The Vicis Zero1 Football Helmet the result of nearly two years of research, development, design, testing, prototyping, questioning, sweating, imagining, reimagining, building and rebuilding.

Vicis Zero1 Football Helmet

VICIS engineers and neurosurgeons have developed a multilayered, highly-engineered helmet design that mitigates linear and rotational impact forces.

A great fitting helmet is critical to comfort and safety. The current standard is to measure head circumference, but that approach has serious limitations. Consider two rooms with a circumference of 100’. While the rooms share the same circumference, they have markedly different dimensions: One measures 10’ x 40’ while the other measures 25’ x 25’. Human head anatomy is also variable; the same circumference could yield scores of different head lengths and breadths. Traditional sizing approaches do not account for these differences.

The VICIS AXIS Fit System incorporates head length and breadth measurements to determine a player’s optimal helmet size. Informed by detailed head measurements of hundreds of current and former NFL and NCAA football players, the AXIS Fit System provides an anatomically correct fit based on the unique head shapes of elite athletes. The ZERO1 offers 12 different sizing combinations, eliminating the need for shims and air bladders, taking comfort and safety to a new level.

Vicis Zero1 Football Helmet

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