Vortex Bladeless Wind Turbine

Vortex bladeless wind turbine, provides cost-effective, more efficient and environmentally friendly way to produce energy.

Images credit Vortex Bladeless 

Vortex Bladeless Spanish company designed a new way to generate wind energy, the Vortex, a  wind turbine with no blade, that looks like a giant rolled cigarette. It turns, like conventional wind turbines, breezes into kinetic energy, to be used as electricity.

But instead of capturing energy via the circular motion of a turbine, it takes advantage of the aerodynamic effect ‘vorticity,’ that produces spinning vortices.

Vortex is much smaller than traditional wind turbines, allowing you to use your space more efficiently.

Vortex Bladeless Wind Turbine (2)

Low height prototypes tested in field have demonstrated Vortex is not only valid for mass power generation.

According to conservative estimates of Vortex Bladeless: It saves 53% in manufacturing costs and 51% in operating costs compared to conventional wind turbines.

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