Wind-powered Commuter Ferry (3)

A new wind-powered commuter ferry, an advanced vessel to automatically harness wind power and transform it into clean transportation.

Wind+Wing Technologies (WWT) in Napa, California, uses a 40-foot-tall carbon fiber “wingsail” allows to run the vessel with its motor at half power yet travel at the same speed. Unlike traditional sails, the wings require no expertise to operate.

The wind-assisted trimaran boat, is now in development in San Francisco.

Wind-powered Commuter Ferry (2)

When wing is on, it will automatically set itself to the optimal wind angle and will start saving fuel, When it is off, it gets out of the way and acts like a giant weather vane. When off, the wing has much less windage than a traditional sailing set-up.

Jay Gardner, president of Wind+Wing Technologies, said:

“You can drive your Cadillac Escalade across the Golden Gate Bridge and get 19 miles to the gallon and you’d still be far more environmentally correct than to take the ferry system in the way it’s currently operated.”

Wind-powered Commuter Ferry (1)

This article published in the April 2015 issue of Popular Science, under the title “A Commuter Ferry Built Like A Racing Boat.”

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