Hinkley Dasher Electric Yacht

Hinkley Dasher, the Tesla of luxury electric yachts, has a 40-mile range and a $500,000 price tag.

Hinkley Dasher Electric Yacht, designed from the ground up for fully electric propulsion, achieves a new standard of excellence with modern styling paired with super lightweight construction.

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From her carbon-epoxy composite hull, to her hand-painted, lightweight Artisanal Teak, every ounce of weight has been shaved and every curve sculpted.

The shape of the future is also the sound of silence. Quiet propulsion and zero emissions make Dasher the best way to spend time on the water with family and friends. This is the heart of the world’s first fully electric luxury yacht.

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BMW i3 lithium ion batteries have been designed with a prismatic cell design for efficient cooling and temperature distribution with compact size and superior shock resistance.

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