Ripasso CSP Solar energy system

Is this world’s most efficient Solar energy system? The company claims efficiency of 34 percent compares to traditional photovoltaic cells currently managing around 23 percent.

Image by RiPasso Energy

The Ripasso CSP system by RiPasso Energy, provides electricity by combining a stirling power converter with a parabolic mirror.

It’s one of the few small-scale concentrated solar energy systems in the world. 34% of the sun’s energy hitting the parabolic mirrors, is converted directly to electric power.

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The test site is in the Northern Cape province. They said The Guardian:

“Traditional photovoltaic panels are able to turn about 23 percent of the solar energy that strikes them into electricity, but this is cut to around 15 percent before it is usable by the grid.”

One of these dishes can produce 75 to 85 megawatt hours of electricity in a year, enough to power about eight homes.

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source RiPasso Energy