X2 Sport Underwater Jet Pack

X2 Sport is the first wearable propulsion system, underwater jet pack, for swimmers and snorkelers, enabling you to explore the sea ‘like a fish.’

The x2 Sport now in indiegogo, is a wearable propulsion system that revolutionizes the underwater experience.

X2 Sport Underwater Jet Pack (2)

Until now you needed Scuba gear to take a closer look, but not any more thanks to the worlds first underwater jet pack; the x2 Sport.

X2 Sport Underwater Jet Pack (3)

The x2 Sport can take you deeper and further than ever before. The concept is simple; thrust generated by the patented Hydra thrusters propels you through the water faster than an Olympic swimmer. The x2 provides the effort, saving your precious oxygen allowing longer duration dives.

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