Zapata Flyride

The Zapata Flyride is designed to offer new thrills for extreme riders and make hydroflight accessible for beginners.

Zapata Flyride achieves this by combining the familiar form and controls of a personal watercraft with Zapata’s latest advancements in computer aided flight control and gyro stabilization.

Zapata Flyride (4)

The FlyRide is the result of the mix of 3 fields: leisure, nautical extreme sport and drone. It makes this new product unique and matchless in the water toys market and thus gives you a valuable competitive advantage!

Compatible with existing flyboard equipment but the machine requires: Connection kit (hose, swivel, u-pipe etc.), adapter, EMK brain…. (if the customer does not otherwise have them).

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Zapata Flyride (2)

Zapata Flyride (1)

1-Flyride™, 2-Hose, 3-Hose Clamps, 4-Pump Interface, 5-Dual Swivel U-Pipe

Flyride is available for pre-order now and will begin shipping end of March, 2018.   Starting at: $5500 / €4500

source Zapata