Zayed National Museum in Abu DhabiFoster + Partners

The Zayed National Museum was designed as a tribute to the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founder of the UAE.

The Zayed National Museum by Foster + Partners will highlight the history, culture, and recent social and economic changes of the Emirates, and will be the focal point of Saadiyat Island’s Cultural District.

Zayed National Museum in Abu Dhabi (2)Foster + Partners

The galleries are within a mound reflecting the Emirates’ landscape, topped by five lightweight steel structures that act as solar thermal towers.

Zayed National Museum in Abu Dhabi (1)Foster + Partners

Inside, pod-shaped galleries hang above a central lobby, which is carved into the earth to use its natural cooling properties. This lobby features shops, cafes, and spaces for poetry and dance performances. The museum’s design uses carefully placed openings to manage light and shade, harnessing the region’s intense sunlight to enliven the interior spaces.

source Foster + Partners