The BAS Polar Research Ship has a name

RRS Boaty McBoatface

The BAS new US$284 million polar research ship, after an online poll to name it, in now called “RRS Boaty McBoatface.”


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Last Sunset for six months in Antarctica

Last Sunset for six months in Antarctica

For researchers at NOAA’s South Pole Atmospheric Baseline Observatory, Sunday March 20 marks the start of the austral autumn, the last time they see the sun for six months.


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Witnessing an sub-Antarctic Volcano Erupting


sub-Antarctic Volcano Erupting

Scientists have taken rare video footage of an eruption of the Big Ben volcano on remote sub-Antarctic Heard Island…


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Newly restored photos of Shackleton’s Fateful Antarctic Voyage

Shackleton’s Fateful Antarctic Voyage

The book ‘Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage‘ in the Antarctic, is one of the most emotional – breathtaking real adventures I ever read! Each photograph of the expedition is a testament to Shackleton’s ability to lead and will to survive…


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World’s largest Canyon discovered beneath the Antarctic ice sheet

World's largest Canyon discovered beneath the Antarctic ice sheet

World’s largest Canyon discovered beneath the Antarctic ice sheet, located in Princess Elizabeth Land.


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Distant Neutrinos Detected Below Antarctic Ice

IceCube's Antarctic lab in Antarctica

The IceCube Neutrino Observatory near the South Pole, in Antarctica, has begun to detect neutrinos, nearly invisible particles of very high energy.


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New detailed view of Antarctica’s Ocean currents

Antarctica's Ocean currents from the Lab's MPAS-Ocean Model

This visualization from the Lab’s MPAS-Ocean Model, shows in high-resolution the ocean currents and eddies in a global ocean simulation with the Antarctic in the center.


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Creatures on the Antarctic seabed

Creature on the Antarctic seabed

Watch the footage from the Ross Ice Shelf area, with creatures on the Antarctic seabed, seen for the first time.   Take a look at the video…


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Beautiful Antarctic Icebergs and ice

Ghostly iceberg near Bandits hut

Beautiful images of icebergs and ice from the Antarctic continent, a land mass covered with ice up to 4 km thick.  Ghostly iceberg near Bandits hut (Photo: Nichol H)


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Antarctic Port for Research and Tourism

Antarctic Port (14)

A futuristic Antarctic Port for research and tourism, a multi-functional hub for transport and accommodation designed by architecture student at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.


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