Dozens of wild dolphins surfing together!

Dolphins surfing

Drone captures dozens of wild dolphins surfing together! They are lining up to wait for the swell, just like surfers do.   Watch the amazing video…

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‘Seaweed’ is the first word from a Dolphin ever Translated


Dr. Denise Herzing, founder of the Wild Dolphin Project in Florida, created the Cetacean Hearing and Telemetry (CHAT) in order to translate dolphin whistles.   Dolphins gesture language.   Image © wikimedia

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Drones over Dolphin Stampede and Whales

Drones over Dolphin Stampede and Whales

Southern California has the greatest density of dolphins in the world. Captain Dave Anderson of Capt. Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Safari in Dana Point, California, at great personal risk, has recently filmed a 5-minute video, containing some of the most beautiful footage ever taken with a drone, of a huge mega-pod of thousands of common dolphins.   Watch the amazing video…

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Mercedes-Benz Dolphin concept

Mercedes Benz Dolphin concept

Mercedes-Benz Dolphin concept by Liu Shun, Gao Zhiqiang & Chen Zhilei, inspired from the aquatic animal is the family car of the future.

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Dolphin Rescue [video]

Dolphin Rescue on video

An amazing video showing an injured dolphin seeking for help from divers! The dolphin entangled with fishing line, swims close to the divers for help, he trust them with a remarkable intelligence and finally get rescued, in Kona Hawaii.     Watch the stunning video…

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Thousands of Dolphins [video]

Thousands of Dolphins

In the video, explorer Mike Horn and Photographer Chase Jarvis, during their trip of the coast South Africa, encounter a rare incident: a group of more than a thousand dolphins!

Watch the video

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Ultrasound scan for pregnant Dolphin

pregnant Dolphin

Dolphin Tapeko, is given an ultrasound scan to confirm that she is pregnant, at Brookfield Zoo in Illinois. Tapeko, is 29 years old and is about to become a mother for third time.   Photograph Jim Schultz/Chicago Zoo Society

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Dolphins and scientists talk to each other


Dolphins are the world’s second brightest creatures after humans and have many brain features associated with high intelligence. Biologists have now carried out two-way communication with dolphins in the wild in the first study of its kind.

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A dolphin in Archipelago of Fernando de Noronha

A dolphin in Archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, Brasil.  Photographer Joao Vianna

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Amazing Cute Dolphins at Attica Park, Athens



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