Green Meteor over Southern California

Green Meteor in Southern California

The camera capture the meteor that was sparking a lot and had a green light to it, over Southern California.   Watch it at the video…


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Geminid meteor shower peaks in the next few days

Geminid meteor shower

Geminid meteor shower peaks in the next few days, filling your sky with shooting stars.


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Shooting star in Bangkok

Shooting star in Bangkok

In the video, an impressive shooting star, a rapidly moving meteor burning up, captured in Bangkok, Thailand…


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How to see Orionid shooting stars

Orionid shooting stars

Orionid shooting stars, the remnants of Halley’s Comet, will light up the night globally this week.   Clear skies, everyone!


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Meteor over Bangkok

Meteor over Bangkok

A meteor over Bangkok, Thailand, captured by several dashcams, entering Earth’s atmosphere and exploding over the town, on the 7th of September, 2015.  Watch the meteor on the video…


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How and when to watch the Perseids Meteor Shower

 Perseids Meteor Shower

Perseid meteor shower peaks just after midnight on a moonless mid-August night. It should put on a great show this year.


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Bright event across US Southeast states

Bright event across Southeast states

A bright event seen across US Southeast states last night at 12:29:30 AM CDT. According to experts, this object was not a meteor or fireball.   Watch the video…


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Planet’s biggest Asteroid impact zone discovered

Asteroid impact

World’s largest asteroid impact zone discovered in Australia, with an impact covering 400 kilometers!


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What caused the mysterious loud booms?

Unexplained loud noises

What caused the mysterious loud booms? Unexplained loud noises were heard across the UK and New York last weekend.


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Meteor? UFO? Massive blast over Russia

Meteor or Massive blast over Russia

Locals captured a massive blast on many cameras, a stunning bright orange flash that lit up the sky in Sverdlovsk region in the Urals, Russia.  UFO? Meteor? Blast?   Watch the video…


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