NASA test-fires most powerful rocket booster

Fire up of Deep Space Rocket Booster

The largest, most powerful rocket booster ever built successfully fired up by NASA, on Wednesday.   Watch the video…


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Earth Observing Fleet

NASA's Earth Observing Fleet

This animation shows the Earth Observing NASA’s fleet, the remote sensing observatories as of February 2015.   Take a look at the video…


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Mars Lost an Ocean’s worth of Water

Mars had Ocean’s worth of Water

New isotopic measurements by researchers at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, reveal that an ocean once covered approximately twenty percent of the Martian surface.   Watch the video…


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The First Selfie in Space

First selfie in space by astronaut Buzz Aldrin

The first selfie in space by astronaut Buzz Aldrin, along with more old NASA photos, will be auctioned.


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Magnetospheric Multiscale Observatories ready for launch

Magnetospheric Multiscale Observatories

Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) observatories are ready for launch and processed in a clean room at the Astrotech Space Operations facility in Titusville, Florida.


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Greenland’s Ice Layers Mapped in 3D

Greenland's Ice Layers 3D Mapped

Greenland‘s ice layers are now mapped in 3D, thanks to NASA’s Operation IceBridge. Peering into the frozen layers inside ice sheet, is like looking back in time.   Watch the frozen video…


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Sounding Rockets launch into an Aurora

Sounding Rockets in Aurora

Scientists from NASA are launching Sounding Rockets into an Aurora, to better understand the role it plays in Earth’s meteorological processes and the impact on the planet’s atmosphere.


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NASA’s amazing Flow Visualization through the years

Flow Visualization

The evolution of various ways NASA has observed flow visualization in aircraft structures over the years.   Watch the amazing video…


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NASA’s Webb Telescope Pathfinder fully assembled

Webb Telescope Pathfinder
NASA’s Webb Space Telescope pathfinder fully assembled, inside the giant clean room at Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.


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NASA’s Exoplanet Travel Posters

Relax on Kepler-16b - Where your shadow always has company

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has just created a amazing set of Exoplanet retro travel posters. The HD 40307g, Kepler-186f, and Kepler-16b, the travel destinations of the future…


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