NASA unveils Pluto Time mosaics

A computer-generated composite view of Pluto, filled with about 1,500 #PlutoTime images shared on social media.

NASA is unveiling mosaics of Pluto, representing the global response to its popular “#PlutoTime” social media campaign.

Above: Photo of Pluto discoverer Clyde Tombaugh is embedded in this mosaic of images. Image credit: NASA/JPL

Developed by the New Horizons science team, so that people could experience the approximate sunlight level on Pluto at noon-generally around dawn or dusk on Earth.

Thousands of those submissions have now been assembled into three stunning mosaics of Pluto, Charon, and a combined image of the two. The mosaics include not only dim skies on Earth, but famous landmarks, selfies, and even family pets.

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View the full Pluto Time mosaic of Pluto

View the Pluto Time mosaic of Charon

View the Pluto Time mosaic of Pluto and Charon