NYC Subway map with Calories burned by Walking

A NYC Subway map showing how many calories you could be burning by walking, jogging or cycling. created a comprehensive map of the New York Subway system, with calorie burn information. explains that figures in the map are based on someone walking at a speed of 3 miles per hour, who weighs the average US weight of 179 lbs (or 81kg).

Jogging figures are based on someone of the same weight running at 6 miles per hour, and cycling at 10-12 miles per hour (it should be noted, however, that due to the one-way layout in Manhattan, cycling times can vary depending on the direction between stops you’re traveling in).

But overall in Midtown Manhattan, the average leg time between stops is around 10 minutes walking. For someone who weighs 179 lbs, walking for one minute burns around four and a half calories, making a ten minute walk equivalent to just under 45 calories.

NYC Subway map with Calories burned by Walking (2)

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