3D Printed Apple Watch Band

Interesting looking and unique 3D printed third-party bands appeared, with the announcement of the much anticipated Apple Watch.

3D Systems and FreshFiber unveiled prototypes of 3D printed Apple Watch bands

The uniquely designed 3D printed in Everlast (nylon) material bands, will be exclusively available sometime soon via the Cubify website.

3D Printed Apple Watch Band (3)


Alyssa Hoyt, Director of Marketing for 3D Systems tells 3DPrint.com, said:

“We’re planning to do some interchangeable bands much like what we’ve done with the Nooka watches. There’s no direct tie with Apple — this is just something we’ve been concepting for the watch and may extend to other smart watches.”

3D Printed Apple Watch Band (2)

3D Printed Apple Watch Band (1)


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