5.000 feet in just 45 seconds by F-16

A 45 seconds short video from brake release to 15.000 feet!… Pure performance showing of an F-16.

The F-16 BM Block 15 belongs to 11 th Squadron “Arrows” – Pakistan Air Force, by TAI Test Pilot Murat KELEŞ (Pilot in Command) and Murat ÖZPALA ( Rear Seat Pilot)…

“It was my great pleasure to sit behind the very first SOLOTURK Mr. Murat KELEŞ…
I experienced the most of the famous & wonderful maneuvers of SOLOTURK display with him;)
Special thanks to my dear friend and collegue Mr. Murat KELEŞ for sharing these very demanding, honorable and wonderful moments with me;)”

Music: Audiomachine – Guardians At The Gate