65m Green Expedition explorer yacht

Ned Ship Group 65m Green Expedition, is an eco-friendly explorer yacht.

The Green Expedition is a collaboration between designer Dennis Ingemansson and with the German based Ned Ship Group, known for their experience with zero emission yachts and solar powered boats.

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She is a true green yacht with eco-friendly features such as hybrid solution, skysail, solar cells, wave turbines and onboard recycling systems. Whether you’re going through rougher areas like Antarctica or Alaska, or sailing through enormous waves in Barents Sea, she is built to endure. All equipment is stored indoors, and there is no risk of losing the helicopter or tenders during stormy weather. The steel hull construction has been assigned a ICE 1A classification to handle ice.

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The solar cell area covers 150 square meters, and the helicopter platform can be converted to add an additional 60 square meters of solar cells. The skysail allows for energy efficient movement together with the retractable wind turbines.

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The Captain’s deck is designed as an ultra-modern penthouse, where guests can enjoy dinner and mingle with a 360 degrees ocean view. For exploration, the diving center features submarines and a decompression chamber, making it a green expedition icon.

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LENGTH OVERALL: 65,00m / 213ft
BEAM: 14m / 46ft
DRAFT: 3,50m
MATERIAL: Steel hull and a composite superstructure
ENGINE TYPE: Hybrid Power System
POSITION: Dynamic Position System
GREEN FEATURES: Up to 210 square meters area of solar cells + retractable wind turbines + skysails + onboard recyclable systems + retractable wave turbines
MAX SPEED: 15 knots
NAUTICAL RANGE: 6000nm at 12 knots

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source Ned Ship Group