Heat Wave in the Middle East

A horrific heat wave strikes the Middle East, and in the Iranian city of Bandar Mahshahr the air felt like an amazing 165 degrees (74 Celsius)!

Image credit Ryan Maue @RyanMaue

165 degrees Fahrenheit, a cooking temperature for a number of foods, that was in Bandar Mahshahr, Iran, with population of about 110,000, is the second highest ever recorded, according to the Washington Post.

According to NOAA the highest was recorded in 2003 in Saudi Arabia, where the heat index reached 178 degrees Fahrenheit.

The National Weather Service says that: “At a heat index above 125 degrees heat stroke is very likely”. Earlier this summer, a heat wave killed over 1,200 people, in Pakistan.

“The heat index values in the chart above are for shady locations. If you are exposed to direct sunlight, the heat index value can be increased by up to 15°F.”

via the Washington Post