AI just surpasses Humans in most benchmarks

The seventh edition of the AI Index report shows that Artificial Intelligence surpasses humans in most benchmarks.

This year’s edition is the most comprehensive yet, arriving at a crucial time when AI’s impact on society is more significant than ever.

The coverage includes key trends like technical advancements, public attitudes toward AI, and the global dynamics shaping its development. Packed with more original data than ever before, this edition offers new insights into AI training costs, responsible AI practices, and its role in science and medicine.

The AI Index report is your go-to resource for tracking, organizing, and presenting data on artificial intelligence.


1. AI beats humans on some tasks, but not on all.

2. Industry continues to dominate frontier AI research.

3. Frontier models get way more expensive.

4. The United States leads China, the EU, and the U.K. as the leading source of top AI models.

5. Robust and standardized evaluations for LLM responsibility are seriously lacking.

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