Airbus Detachable Cabin

New Airbusdetachable cabin concept, could revolutionize the future of aviation and save passengers time at the airport.

Airbus’ patent detachable cabin concept, detailing ‘removable cabin modules,’ unveils radical new design for future planes and airports.

Airbus Detachable Cabin (3)


According to the new design, passengers could be seated in the cabins while they are still at an airport’s gate.

The full of passengers cabin, can then be transferred and attached to the plane.

Airbus Detachable Cabin (2)


According to the patent document:

“Transferring a payload in a commercial aeroplane requires that the aeroplane is immobilised on the ground.

This is the case when boarding passengers, but also when loading their luggage, or again when loading freight. In addition, settling passengers in their respective seats in the aeroplane may lengthen the aeroplane’s period of immobilisation.”

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via Wired

source USPTO