Architecture of Radio app

With this new app you can see Wifi signals, Cell towers and satellites, the invisible world of wireless digital signals around you.

Architecture of Radio app is not a measurement tool and it’s purpose is to inspire, to see the world through a different lens.

Every time we use our phones, tablets or laptops we are entering an invisible world of wireless digital signals,  it’s a world that we cannot see but that is literally all around us.
The Architecture of Radio is a 360 degree data visualization of what this world might look like, showing the cell towers, GPS satellites and Wi-Fi routers around you that allow us to live our digital lives.

Architecture of Radio app

Why should I use this app?

Out of curiosity! We are increasingly dependent on a global ecosystem of digital signals. We use them for so many things, yet we cannot see them. We can see the roads we use to travel, the buildings we live in, but not the infrastructure that is changing the world. How can we understand this world without understanding how it works?
The purpose of this app is to make the invisible visible so we can look at it, think about it and discuss it.

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