AirFish Wing-in-Ground Craft Wigetworks/AirFish

The AirFish family of Wing-in-Ground craft (WIG) can revolutionize coastal travel with safe, eco-friendly, and rapid transportation solutions.

AirFish WIG craft can fly three times faster than traditional marine vessels using aerodynamics and air pressure. This breakthrough offers substantial time savings and convenience for maritime public transport, luxury travel, delivery services, and potential military uses.

Designed for water takeoff and landing, AirFish WIG craft eliminates the need for traditional infrastructure like airports, making it a more flexible option for various applications, including public transport, logistics, and military operations in coastal areas.

With a capacity for up to 10 passengers or 1,000 kg of cargo, and a top speed of 90 knots, AirFish 8 stands out as one of the fastest marine crafts available. Combining cutting-edge aerospace and marine technologies, it presents an appealing alternative to ferries, helicopters, and seaplanes, and is expected to be certified and available in the market by 2025.

source ST Engineering