Doroni H1-X Electric Flying CarDoroni Aerospace

The Doroni H1-X electric flying car isn’t just a technological advancement in urban air mobility; it sets a new benchmark for efficiency, sustainability, and flexibility in air travel.

Designed for versatility, the H1-X can be utilized for various purposes, including cargo delivery, emergency response, and military missions. Its adaptability demonstrates its potential to revolutionize both passenger transportation and essential logistics operations.

The H1-X epitomizes this vision, marking a significant achievement for both Doroni and the aviation sector as a whole.

“We are reshaping the future of transportation, making air mobility more efficient, accessible, and environmentally friendly.”

Doroni H1-X Electric Flying Car (3)Doroni Aerospace

Key Specifications of the H1X:
– Range: Up to 60 miles, enabling substantial urban and semi-urban commutes.
– Flight Time: 40 minutes of operational flight time on a single charge.
– Charging: Rapid recharge capabilities, achieving full charge in about 20 minutes.
– Takeoff Weight: A total takeoff weight of 1850 pounds, including a 500-pound payload capacity.

Doroni H1-X Electric Flying Car (2)Doroni Aerospace

Innovative Technology & Features:
– Patented Ducted Fan Technology: Ensures quiet operation and enhanced safety, making the H1-X ideal for urban environments.
– Advanced Safety Systems: Including a ballistic parachute, offering unmatched safety standards in the eVTOL category.
– Intuitive Flight Controls: Designed to make flying as accessible as driving, with a self-stabilizing flight system that opens up air mobility to a wider audience.
– Sustainability at its Core: The H1-X is part of our commitment to reducing urban congestion and emissions, leading the way to a cleaner, more connected future.

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